All you need for autumn!

    8. October 2015

    Did somebody woke up that guy from Green Day? Well, September has ended and so has my first month in London. So, todays video is all about the wonderful stuff you can get here and all you need for an autumn in the UK. A new look goes together with new products for hair and haircare. So, go get a look at that video and check out the things I already got here. Continue Reading

  • LFW Part 2 -7

    LFW Part 2 – What I Wore

    Welcome to LFW Part 2! In the first part I gave you an insight in the showrooms at London Fashion Weekend. In case you want to cast a glance find it here.…

    2. October 2015
  • saatchi gallery-7

    LFW Part 1 Showtime At Saatchi Gallery

    This years LFW took part in the Saatchi Gallery at Sloan Square, a area that is breathtaking by it's high end designer shops and the luxury cafĂ©'s …

    29. September 2015
  • rubber boots-5

    The 5 Best Things About Rubber Boots

    Nevertheless there's one specific essential - a good pair of quality rubber boots! I was thinking about buying some Hunter boots, so maybe there's…

    25. September 2015
  • thoughts on oktoberfest-3

    Thoughts on Oktoberfest and Rockin’ Red

    Getting back to my thoughts on Oktoberfest, I was surprised to find out that it's even a hot topic in London. Great Britain got it's own version of it…

    18. September 2015
  • Thumbnail1

    Late Summer Makeup

    It's been a while since I've shared a video on the blog but this Late Summer Makeup is just right on time to ring in the early Fall season.…

    17. September 2015